Malibu Socks

So my smaller knitting needles arrived yesterday. An added bonus I forgot I ordered some more sock yarn, so it was a surprise to have that in my package 😀 It is a wool/cotton (and other things) blend which I’m hoping will be good for the not so freezing days (for anyone not from Brisbane, temperatures in the daytime below 19C (and for the Americans that’s about 66F) are considered ‘freezing’ cold.)

So I’ve started knitting with one of my new balls of yarn- the colour is called Malibu Stretch. The pattern suggested size 2.5mm needles and the band on the ball suggested 2.5-3mm. I first did a gauge swatch with the recommended needles of the pattern and I was one stitch too many but when I moved up to 2.75 it was perfect.


This is my progress so far.


Meanwhile the yarn gets twisted up as I knit it. It always does this but it more noticable with this yarn. Right now I’m letting my knitting hang every few rows to untwist but it is anoying.


The needles are ‘Karbonz’ and in the longest they come in. I’d prefer longer needles, like at least 30 cms long but dpns don’t seem to come that long any more. I find these ones are better than metal, but one of the tips is a bit rough and scratched up the needle next to it, so I switched that needle for another in the packet (there were 5 in the packet and I’m using 3 to knit with). I’ll have to see if I can smooth the rough tip down with anything—any suggestions?

Meanwhile I’m also doing some spinning.



Learning to knit socks


I’ve wanted to knit socks for a long time. I tried knitting socks maybe seven years ago but didn’t get too far. Recently I’ve decide to have another go at it.

This time I’m doing toe up and using a craftsy tutorial by Susan B. Anderson called My First Toe-Up socks.

I had the choice of “worsted” yarn or “fingering”. I wanted to do the thicker for my first pair but couldn’t find 10 ply (worsted) weight yarn. I asked for suggestions on an Australian facebook group and apparently it is a common weight in America but not here. At their suggestion I substituted for an 8 ply wool that is on the larger size of 8 ply. They suggested I went up a needle size but I found my gauge was off, so I ended up using the needle the pattern suggested.

Here’s my progress after 5 re-starts.


I found I was getting ladders between the needles despite pulling really tight at the first stitches on each needle.


I also found my sock was pointing up as I knit it. I usually knit with my right needle under my armpit, so somehow this translated to knitting on the far-side of my ring, which apparently is wrong. I switched to the near-side and it helped with the ladders.




My pattern had an afterthought heel, but I was anxious to try it, so once I got past the heel I switched the active stitches over to a circular needle and worked the heel. The nearest needle I could find big enough for yarn was a bone one— a “you know you’re a reenactor when” moment.



Working the heel meant I could continue to try the sock on as I went.


I didn’t knit any of the sock on the circular needles, was just using them as a stitch holder. I find circular needles too akward for knitting with- probably because there’s nothing to tuck under my arm or brace against my body.


And here it is, waiting for the ends to be woven in.