Cushions for Mother

It’s been ages since I’ve done some weaving and I found a bulky thick and think yarn on sale, so I picked it up with a thought to make some cushions for my mother.

I used a synthetic mohair for the warp and warped up for a weft dominant weave.

After weaving a header of plain yarn I switched to the thick and thin. I was planning on alternating but instead I stuck with the thick and thin. Before I wove each pick I lay the yarn over the warp and used my pickup stick to pick up more threads over the thin parts of the yarn and less over the thick. This made the thick parts stand out more. I was going for a ‘pebbles on the beach look’


Here is my first cushion front on the loom:


and some taken while I was sewing it up:



I was worried the texture was too overpowering  so for the second I just wove a stripe of the texture.


I sewed up the cushions using some wool I found at a second hand store on a trip to Sydney.



Mum loved them!



Playing with Colour and Cotton

Amongst the kit I bought from Cotton Clouds was some naturally coloured green and brown cotton. I’ve heard that boiling this cotton once spun or woven darkens the colour. I’ve previously bought a towel weaving kit from Cotton Clouds and have read that boiling can increase absorbency too. So I set up a pot and boiled and boiled my tea towel in a small amount of washing soada.

Here you can see some of the threads without my boiling on the tea towel after boiling.


It is both darker and more absorbent!

So, encouraged, I pulled out my naturally coloured cotton slivers and got spinning. I tried holding the two colours together and playing around with effects I could get.





The top skein is brown and green sliver held together in both plies.
The middle is brown, green and white sliver held together in both plies.
The bottom is brown, green and white sliver held together in one ply and white in the other.

Next to boil them with some washing soda and see how the colours look once darkened.


You can see what a difference it made! Lighting in the photos were a bit different so I included the unspun sliver with the boiled skeins.

Finally, a picture of my post-boiling water– yuck!