Wrong starts and knots.

I’ve been working on my sock today while I was home sick battling a nasty virus.

Here is where I left off last night.


Here I am trying it on for fit.


And with some more knitting.


I’ve knit right up to where the heel starts now. I’ve temporarily put the sock on a circular needle as a stitch holder while I start the second sock—I thought it would be easier to get both feet the same length this way.


Now before I started knitting I spent some time to make sure I started at the same point in the colour change.

Turns out I was WAY off.


My first sock had a knot in the blue stripe third up from the toe, and I assumed it had been knotted in at the right part of the colour change. I’m thinking perhaps not because if so I haven’t got through a full repeat yet.

I was looking forward to the challenge of matching the stripes up on these socks. But oh well. They are made by hand, not a machine. And looking at how the colour changes might play out, they might just work out after all!


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