Tyrion, Ellaria and a Splash of Eri Silk

I had one braid of Tyrion left from Cat and Sparrow Fibres, so I split it in half. I also had two braids of a golden colourway called Ellaria so I added about 10cm of that to each half of Tyrion. I then pulled the braid of Tyrion apart as much as I could into colour segments, and spun from the fold, adding Ellaria and also some smatterings of eri silk throughout.

Here are my results:



To compare this is the last bobbin of Tyrion I spun:


I got a ball winder for Christmas from my mother, so once this was washed I put it to good use and balled it up.



And another comparison shot, the new spin on top, just Tyrion on the bottom (yes, I rewound my hand wound balls into new balls with my new ball winder. They stack better this way.)


I am planning a project using both Tyrion and Ellaria so this blend will tie the two together nicely.


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